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Hello and welcome to our online language school

My name is Ferenc and I am an online German teacher. We at are more than just a language school; we are your partners on your way to fluency in German. Our team and a vibrant learning community are waiting to support you in your language adventure.

With us, it’s not just about learning, but also about the joy of progress. Immerse yourself in our online world, where lively live sessions, creative exercises and a supportive environment await you. Let’s go!

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Good reasons why it's worth learning with us

Satisfied students, small groups, motivated teachers and low course fees make our courses so popular.

Personal support, maximum motivation

Our dedicated teachers will guide you through the course. Our learning platform is also available to you outside of the live lessons. Together, we create a motivating learning environment that is tailored to your individual needs.

Diverse learning methods for your success

More than just frontal teaching awaits you here. We use interactive exercises, videos, pictures and group activities to make the learning process varied. You will not only learn the German language, you will experience it.

Flexible learning, no matter where you are

Our courses start at different levels, suitable for learners with basic and advanced knowledge. You decide where you want to learn and we accompany you on your journey to becoming a German professional, regardless of your current location.

Do you have any questions?

Our team will be happy to help you find the right course. If you have any questions, you can send us a message at any time.

What you need for online lessons

Our online German courses are well structured and help you to use your time effectively

Stable Internet

You will need a stable internet connection so that you can take part in the course without any problems.

Laptop or computer

We recommend attending the course with a computer or laptop. If necessary, a cell phone or tablet will also work.

Webcam and microphone

A webcam and microphone enable virtual communication and make the course lively and interesting.

Motivation and time

Learning a language takes time, patience and motivation. Our teachers will of course support you in this.

Our platform supports you in your learning

In addition to the live lessons with your teacher, you can also use our practice platform to learn and revise. There you will find the lesson grammar and a voluntary lesson test that you can use to check your learning progress.

Our most popular courses

Online German courses for advanced learners

B2 Online German Course

Online B2 German course with a native German teacher. Learn online in a virtual classroom and enhance your German skills. In a small group, you'll quickly and efficiently learn German.

C1 Online German Course

Online C1 German course with a native German teacher. Learn online in a virtual classroom and enhance your German skills. In a small group, you'll quickly and efficiently learn German.

B2-C1 "Deutsch Expressz" (HU)

Beszédcentrikus német nyelvtanfolyam anyanyelvi tanárral, kifejezetten magyar anyanyelvű tanulók számára. Ideális a haladó tanulók számára, hogy magabiztosabban és folyékonyabban beszéljenek németül.

Get started now and become a German pro

Our teachers will support you on your way


No answer found? Send us a message, we'll be happy to help you.

You register for the German online group course. A few days before the course starts, we will activate the course for you and you can access our learning platform. The first lesson starts as indicated in the course program. You will receive a link to the virtual classroom (Google Meets) in good time before each lesson.

You will need a PC, laptop or tablet, a headset, a stable internet connection and a valid email address. Our tip: We do not recommend using smartphones for this course, as for some exercises, such as longer reading texts, it is more comfortable to use a device with a larger screen.

Yes, you will receive a confirmation of participation as soon as you have successfully completed the German online group course.

On our online learning platform, you will find the relevant lesson grammar, corresponding exercises and a lesson test. The lesson test helps you to test yourself and monitor your progress.

To successfully complete the online group course, it is important to participate regularly in the live sessions (at least 70%) and to successfully complete at least 70% of the tasks for each chapter on the learning platform.

You can book the course directly via our platform or you can send us an e-mail or a message via the contact form.

We are here for you and happy to help.

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