German with a Native Speaker Teacher


Tailored learning for individual needs and rapid progress in the German language.

Why Choose Private Lessons?

Your teacher adjusts the lessons to your needs, ensuring that you learn quickly and effectively.

Speak Fluent German

Through language training and individual attention in private lessons, you will soon be able to communicate more fluently and confidently in German.

Sentence Structure and Grammar

Private lessons allow for efficient improvement of sentence structure and grammar, enabling you to formulate precise and understandable sentences.

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Targeted exercises expand your vocabulary and enhance pronunciation for clear communication in everyday life and professional settings.

Who Benefits from Private Lessons?

Professionals with a busy schedule

lexible scheduling allows you to learn comfortably, even with a full agenda.

Advanced learners with specific goals

Private lessons provide full attention to improve your German skills effectively.

Those aiming for rapid progress

Individualized guidance and tailored exercises help you speak German more fluently and understand better.

Professionals learning job-related German

The teacher can tailor the lessons to your specific field and incorporate targeted exercises and language training.

Those preparing for an exam

Whether for a language test, a certificate, or an exam, private lessons allow you to prepare specifically for the requirements.

Those who prefer a personal learning strategy

The teacher can try different learning methods and customize them to optimize the learning process.

Improve Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Understanding

Your teacher adapts the lessons to your requirements, making it neither boring nor too challenging for you.

A homework assignment could look like this, for example: You watch a short video that interests you. In the next session, you discuss it with your teacher, explain the content, and answer questions. Or you write a summary, and your teacher corrects it together with you. Of course, your teacher has exercises and videos on many different topics and difficulty levels for you.

Other Opportunities

Private lessons are very flexible and can be tailored individually.


Reading Exercises

Enhance Text Comprehension

Practice reading and improve your text comprehension with texts of varying difficulty.


Grammar Puzzles

Playfully Practice Grammar

With puzzles and exercises, you learn and reinforce grammatical concepts in an entertaining way.


Writing Exercises

Practice Text Types

You are motivated to write your own texts, enhancing your writing skills and unleashing your creativity.


Homework Assistance

Support with School Assignments

Your teacher helps you with homework to ensure you understand and consolidate the lesson material.


Exam Preparation

Targeted Support for Tests and Exams

We intensively train for school exams to achieve optimal results and provide you with confidence.

Information about Private Lessons

We specialize in online teaching and aim to provide you with a pleasant, professional atmosphere for efficient learning and enjoyment of lessons.

Experienced Native Speakers
Our teachers are native speakers with extensive experience, offering professional instruction with authentic language delivery.
Your Personal Google Document
During lessons, your teacher takes notes for you in a Google document. You can access this document after your session.
There is optional homework, which may include practice tasks or a video for you to watch.
Flexible Scheduling
You can schedule your German lessons flexibly with your teacher. They will ask you at the end of the session when you would like to learn next.
Friendly Atmosphere
Our online individual lessons create a professional atmosphere that promotes focused learning and joy in lessons.
Individual Learning Plans
Each student receives tailored lesson units to best fulfill specific needs and learning goals.
People are learning German
Letters in the longest word
Words in the Duden dictionary

Three Study Tips

These tips will help you study more efficiently.

Complete your homework
Homework helps you review the material from the lesson. If something is unclear, you can ask your teacher in the next session.
Review independently
Read the material, vocabulary, and grammar tables 2-3 times after the lesson to better memorize them.
Read, listen, speak
Watch videos in German, read newspapers, books, and take notes. This way, you will make progress even faster.

Our Prices for Private Lessons

Choose the package that suits you


10 x 45min
24,90 18,60
per 45 minutes
Package includes 10 lessons of 45 minutes each
Valid for 10 weeks
At least one 45-minute German lesson per week
Flexible scheduling
Weekend and evening appointments also available
Total package price: ÔéČ249.00, with promo-code just ÔéČ186,00


10 x 60min
29,90 22,40
per 60 minutes
Package includes 10 lessons of 60 minutes each
Valid for 10 weeks
At least one 60-minute German lesson per week
Flexible scheduling
Weekend and evening appointments also available
Total package price: ÔéČ299.00, with promo-code just ÔéČ224,00


10 x 90min
22,90 17,10
per 45 minutes
Package includes 20 lessons of 45 minutes each
Valid for 10 weeks
At least one 90-minute German lesson (double lesson) per week
Flexible scheduling
Weekend and evening appointments also available
Total package price: ÔéČ458,00, with promo-code just ÔéČ342,00


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