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Three ways to learn German online

There are several ways to learn a foreign language. Basically, there are language courses, private lessons or self-study. Self-guided learning in particular has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to numerous user-friendly apps. But online lessons, live with a language teacher – individually or in a group – are also gaining momentum.

We think each of these options offers pros and cons. In this article, we would like to share our experiences with you and give you an overview of the different online learning options.

Can you learn a language with an app?

There is a heated discussion about this in many forums. We have met people who have only learned German with an app and found that they can understand texts and sometimes spoken German, but have enormous difficulties speaking.

There is simply a lack of practice and using the language. Many apps can check your pronunciation and tell you if you pronounced the word correctly, but you can’t have a conversation with an app yet. But that’s exactly what’s important when learning a language.

But apps are not bad per se. On the contrary, apps allow you to learn in addition to your language course or lessons with your teacher. In this way, the app can help you make faster progress.

Learn German for free on the Internet

This is probably one of the most popular searches on Google when it comes to learning German. And indeed, there are countless useful videos on YouTube and interesting and helpful blog articles that can help you learn German.

You should definitely take advantage of these opportunities. But to learn alone with free possibilities we consider rather impossible. For one simple reason: learning a language is complex and building up. That’s why there are textbooks that have a clear structure and build up grammar knowledge and vocabulary step by step.

Online lessons via Skype or Zoom

There are many language schools that offer German lessons online. For beginners, group courses are especially suitable. This way you can use your budget efficiently. If you want to make faster progress, you can opt for individual lessons.

Especially for advanced learners who already have a basic knowledge of German, individual lessons can be worthwhile. In online private lessons via Skype or Zoom, your teacher is there just for you. In this way, he or she can optimally support you in your learning. The lessons, the exercises and the homework can be individually adapted to your needs, so that you can make fast progress.

Our conclusion

Apps and free resources like Youtube and blogs are a great supplement to language courses or German lessons. But we think it’s impossible to learn German – or any other language – just by using them. Languages are simply too complex and you need the help of others. This is not a shame, but one of the many beautiful aspects of language learning. You get to know new people…


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