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How to find the right German teacher for you

There are now countless platforms where you can find German teachers for online lessons. Language schools now also frequently offer courses and individual lessons online via Skype and Zoom. But how do you find the right German teacher who can best support you in learning German?

We’ve put together four points to help you decide. Of course, we know that for most people, budget is a crucial factor. That’s why we’ll start with it right away.

Is a good German teacher always expensive?

The price range for private lessons is wide. In our research, we found offers ranging from 24 to 65 euros per lesson. Most, however, were between 30 and 45 euros. However, the price alone usually says nothing about the quality of the lessons.

It is important that the teacher prepares well for the lessons with you, so that you can learn efficiently. Even the biggest bargain is a waste of money if the German lesson is just a nice chat with no added value for you. Many offer a free trial lesson where you can get to know the teacher. Here you should ask how the lesson is structured.

Sympathy plays an enormously important role in language learning.

Not all people are compatible. Often it is decided within a few seconds whether you find a person sympathetic or not. This is a natural process that takes place subconsciously. Everyone knows this from everyday life. You meet new colleagues, acquaintances or business partners and there it is: the first impression.

Of course, this is also the case during a trial lesson. But don’t worry, most teachers have experience and routine. In order for you to learn efficiently, it is important that you feel comfortable in the language class. Therefore, sympathy is a decisive factor. The most expensive teacher is of little use if you come to class with bad feelings.

What are your goals?

If you are just starting to learn German, it makes sense to choose a German teacher who speaks your language (or English). This way he can explain everything in your language and you will learn the basics faster. Most German teachers also speak English and can teach you German in English.

For advanced learners, it is worth learning with a native speaker. They know colloquial phrases, help you with pronunciation, notice almost every grammar mistake and help you to improve your language skills even more. If you are studying German for a specific subject, it is worth asking the teacher if they are familiar with the subject.

Finding the right time to learn

During the trial lesson, you should also ask the teacher about his availability. Does he have time and free capacity when you want to learn? Many teachers also offer lessons on weekends or in the evenings.

You should also discuss how often you would like to study per week. This way, the teacher can enter you in his schedule and keep the hours free for you.


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