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German lessons online: Is it really worth it?

German lessons online: Is it really worth it?

The pandemic has changed many things – even language learning. In addition to apps and YouTube, online lessons via video call on Skype or Zoom are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to countless platforms on the Internet, many language schools also offer this service. Group courses or individual lessons via video conferencing have long since become commonplace.

But are these online offers worthwhile and can they replace classic language lessons in a language school? Many are skeptical at first, and the feeling of sitting in front of a camera is still unfamiliar. But this initial uncertainty usually fades during the first lesson.

Time savings through online lessons

A clear advantage of online lessons is the enormous time saving, because the way to the language school and back is not necessary. You are independent and can study with your teacher from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a laptop or computer with webcam, microphone and a stable Internet connection.

What equipment does the teacher use?

The quality of the lessons depends, among other things, on the teacher’s equipment. Does he have a professional microphone, stable Internet and a good webcam? After all, you need to be able to understand your teacher well, and his gestures and facial expressions are not irrelevant in class.

Since the lessons take place online, you will not receive any copies or exercise sheets in printed form. In a well-prepared class, your teacher will use digital textbooks, custom exercise sheets, and documents that you can both work on at the same time. Ideally, you’ll also have access to these documents after class so you can review what you’ve learned.

Online group courses or online private lessons?

Both forms of instruction have their place. Especially during the pandemic, people needed a substitute for the cancelled language courses. You can often find online language courses with 10 or more participants. The more participants an online course has, the more difficult it becomes for the teacher to provide individual attention to the students. Therefore, as with normal courses, you should check the number of participants before booking a course.

You don’t have this problem with online private lessons. Here you don’t have to share your teacher with anyone else and he or she can tailor the lessons, exercises and homework to your individual needs. It is the most efficient way to learn a language, just like classical one-to-one lessons, but more flexible and time-saving.

Our conclusion

Some people may be a bit skeptical at the beginning and may not feel very comfortable in front of the camera. But this feeling quickly fades and the benefits of online lessons remain. Try it and use the time you save for your hobbies or a walk in the fresh air.

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